State Farm Neighborhood Assist

State Farm Neighborhood Assist

Please take a moment today to help fund the mission of

Wonderfully Made. 

State Farm currently has a grant program going on called Neighborhood Assist. Each year they give away 40 $25,000 grants to organizations across the nation and Wonderfully Made is eligible so we need your help!


The way it works:

The applications opened today and they only take so many so if you could submit one as soon as you can that would be awesome! The application consists of 8 questions; general information until the last three which are the meat of the application!

Wonderfully Made could greatly benefit from this funding and expand on what is already happening!! Please take the time to submit an application.

Thank you for your involvement in Wonderfully Made!

Here is a rundown of what they are looking forward to but please respond to these in your own words:

Go to this link:

Cause: Friendship Club

organization: Wonderfully Made

Mission: To provide opportunities for kids with special needs in our community

Category: education or community or both

What is your Cause?

Wonderfully Made is a nonprofit in Lincoln, NE which was started with the goal of simply providing opportunities for kids with special needs in our community. Currently we run a program called Friendship Club which is designed for kids with special needs who are middle school and high school age with the goal of providing a safe place for them to have fun, make friends, and work on social skills. The group meets on Friday nights and participates in things in the community such as bowling, mini golf, pumpkin carving, bon fire nights, costume parties, and more. Friendship Club has been amazing to be a part of because the kids who attend have gained confidence in who they are, they have made friends, and as a bonus they get to work through struggles they might have in an environment that makes them feel confident in who they are and how they learn; some of these include communication, assertiveness, friendship building, team interaction skills, and many other social skills.


How will the 25,000 be used?

If selected Wonderfully Made would use this funding to grow and expand Friendship Club. This would allow for Friendship Club to meet the needs of more and more children in our community by offering events on more nights, offer to more kids, and take on certain events where fees to participate are greater. This funding would also invest into the volunteer side of Friendship Club which helps train other peers in these kids lives to be able to help out with Friendship Club; using peer volunteers helps foster inclusion in and out of the school system and allows for real friendships to form.


What is the lasting impact of your cause?

There is a great need in our community for kids with special needs to have opportunities to build into their strengths and be a kid; which in turn helps work through areas in life which are more of a struggle. The kids who participate in Friendship Club currently are building friendships, gaining confidence in who they are, and working through social skills in amazing ways. For some of these kids this is the first time they have been invited to a party, or had a friday night with friends, and the confidence that alone instills in them is awesome. Friendship Club allows for that to happen as well as foster an environment where they feel comfortable stretching their social skill abilities and working through communication and social skills that don’t come as naturally for them. Through investing in these kids lives, Friendship Club can be a part of instilling in them skills for success in every day life and the confidence to be who they are as well as foster inclusion in our community.

Friendship Club Fun

Friendship Club Fun


The annual halloween party was a huge success, filled with painting pumpkins, decorating cupcakes, and a photo booth!


Zoo Adventure!

Zoo Adventure!

This saturday May 17th we are going to the

Lincoln Children’s Zoo!

Friendship Club is an awesome way for kids with special needs to make friends, work on social skills, and gain self-confidence! Please join us in this awesome adventure! For more information about this weekend e-mail:


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