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Corporate Sponsorships

Team work makes the Dream work!

We want to enter into a partnership with local businesses in a way that is beneficial for everyone. This relationship will be unique with each business and we hope to work together to partner with you in this journey. Your financial partnership with us, will provide more opportunities for kids with special needs in our city and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support!

Partnership Opportunities:

Event sponsorship:

One option would be to put your financial contribution, logo, and name on a particular event. We would give recognition to your business through social media, e-mail, newsletters, invitations, and signage for that particular event. We would also love to have you as special guests at the event so our families & supporters can put a face to your business, and we can formally recognize your contribution in-person. These events vary in size, cost, purpose, and time of year and we could find something that fits best with the goals of your company for that year.


Specific Program sponsorship:

Another option would be to be a partial sponsor for a particular program for that calendar year. This would give consistent and repeated recognition to your brand as we run programs that meet weekly and monthly. By sponsoring a specific program you will get to be a part of a unique relationship that is more direct to the parents’ of the kids we serve. Not only, will you be recognized by our organization as a whole but small groups of parents will literally see your dollars be put to work for their children in helping to cover program costs.


Child’s scholarship sponsorship:

A final option would be to put your brand directly in the hands of a child in need in our city. By funding one or more kids directly through an individual scholarship you are covering the cost of therapy services for one year for each scholarship you sponsor. Each after-school therapy group session has 70-80% of the kids in it funded on scholarships through Wonderfully Made. These are given to families who are low-income, have specific financial burdens during this season, have increased medical bills due to child’s needs, are a single-parent, and so much more. Thanks to generous scholarship sponsors we are able to tell parents “we got this for you, and we would love to help your child”. These dollars change individual lives.

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