Resources for the kids of our community

Focus Groups

​all ages up to 18

This after-school program is designed to provide a small group environment for kids to work on varying social, emotional, and behavioral goals through individualized Recreational Therapy program plans tailored to their needs. The groups are made up of 3-4 kids who are similar in age and have similar social skill goals. Kids are placed in these groups after an assessment has been done and individual goals have been written. 

Making Functional skills Fun!
These social skills interventions are specific to the child's needs and can focus on things such as: coping skills, interpersonal skills, leadership, team work, self-expression, and more. Kids with varying special needs sometimes just  need a little extra education and support with social skills to be able to gain confidence in themselves and those skills. We believe instilling value in these skills sets kids up for success in the real world as they make friends, interact with peers, get a job interview, and more.
These services follow a standardized process of assessment, program planning, implementation, and evaluation by a CTRS.

Respite opportunity
We want this to be a consistent weekly opportunity for parents and caregivers to have an evening of respite. This program is a community based respite option through the state of Nebraska and therefore you can utilize respite funding towards these monthly events and we can help you walk through that. Once your child has been placed in a focus group, they will be in that peer group for 1 hour/week on their scheduled day for a 10-12 week session which offers a consistent weekly hour of respite. Parents/guardian will need to drop off and pick up for each group.