Resources for the kids of our community

Friendship Club

middle school and high school age kids

This is a program designed to provide recreational activities for middle school/high school age kids to get involved with on Friday nights! The goal is to have fun, make friends, and provide social opportunities. Activities will include things such as bowling, swimming, movie nights etc. The kids in this program are at an age where Friday night activities are the social norm and we want to make them feel invited as well as included to their own Friday night fun. We want them to be able to connect with other kids, build friendships independently, and work on social skills in a fun environment. 

We make Functional skills Fun!!
The goal of recreational therapy is to work on social, emotional, and physical goals through play. By providing fun social activities and volunteer staff, Wonderfully Made hopes to give children a place to be a kid as well as learn about themselves and gain confidence in who they are.

Respite opportunity
We want this to be a consistent monthly opportunity for parents and caregivers to have an evening of respite. This program is a community based respite option through the state of Nebraska and therefore you can utilize respite funding towards these monthly events and we can help you walk through that. All events will take place on Friday nights from 6-8 p.m. Parents/guardian will need to drop off and pick up for each event. Schedule and location of events is also subject to change.

You can also check out our Facebook page to see more details on upcoming Friendship Club events! ​