Resources for the kids of our community

Private Recreational Therapy

​all ages up to 18

Private services with a Rec Therapist are also available and are very individualized. The overall goal is to improve functioning and help them to be healthy, active, and as independent as possible in their individual life pursuits. These services follow a standardized process ofassessment, program planning, implementation, and evaluation by a CTRS.

For some kids being in a group, large or small, can be overwhelming and would not be the best fit for starting to expand on social skills. Private Therapy is perfect for this as the Recreational Therapist can work one on one with the child as well as spend the session focusing on target areas. Private Therapy is also a great building block into our other programs; for some kids after a couple private sessions they are already feeling more comfortable with the therapist as well as themselves and would benefit from being placed in a Focus group so that the social skills can be used with his/her peers and not just taught.